More Than Numbers

When it comes to teaching lessons, unlike our statistics posts, Go For Green is more focused on the kids, not the numbers. We would like anyone following our progress to know that our kids are not numbers on a spreadsheet, they are not statistics, they are children. After years of working with kids we know that not all children process information the same way, they are all individuals so we designed and trained a staff around an adaptive curriculum. Our kids are our pride and joy and our source of happiness. We don’t sort them by what boxes they check off, we take much more into consideration. We look at which instructor would work best with each child, which children work best together, we consider their personality, their comfort in the water and their current skills. Jayden and Marcus came into our program both afraid of the water. Jayden panicked and Marcus wouldn’t leave the pools wall. Through our program Jayden was able to receive his green band within 2 days. All he needed was to fix a few elements of his stroke and have someone believe in him. He grew to love our staff which may seem impossible to do in two days but he comes back every day to encourage his friend Marcus. Through Go For Green we’ve been teaching Marcus how to swim and now he can. All he needs is to build his confidence in the water and by continuing swim lessons we’ve seen his confidence grow every day. Jayden got a different lesson than Marcus despite them being in the same group. Each activity that each child does is catered to strengthen that child’s weakness and build on their strengths.


This is Jayden getting his green band after passing his swim test.


Stat Sat

Drowning occurs quickly and quietly. Always swim with a buddy and under adult supervision. #statsat


We are going to start a “Statistics Saturday” post, Continuing our mission to bring education to the community. #statsat

“Participation in formal swimming lessons can reduce the risk of drowning by 88% for children 1-4 years old.”

-Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine


Three Weeks Until Summer

Across the nation, the Y is taking new measures to prevent drowning. There are 390 children ages 0-14 who drown each year, most of the deaths occur between May and August. To bring safety and education to our community we have designed a program with the aid of the YMCA and our Leaders’ Club. Go For Green offers free swim lessons to children unable to pass their YMCA swim test. This means they are unable to swim 25 yards and float on their back. Two years ago our program was started to offer kids at the Peter Blum Family YMCA, enrolled in traditional summer camp, free swim instruction. This provided them basic skills needed to pass their swim test.

After receiving the Palm Beach Philanthropy Tank Grant we have been working to establish new relationships and layout the expansions towards our program. We are very excited to begin working with DeVos-Blum Family YMCA and include the special education children into Go For Green

As we are preparing for the summer we are finalizing details to make this the best year ever!


– Aly Reeves & Sage Albert